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When it comes to achieving a beautiful and healthy smile, True Smile Orthodontics is known for being one of the top orthodontic offices in Cedar Park. We are renowned for our excellent service and dedication to patient care, making us the perfect choice for all your orthodontic needs. Whether you’re considering traditional braces or looking into more modern options like Invisalign, True Smile Orthodontics provides a variety of treatments to meet your individual needs.

When you visit True Smile Orthodontics, you will receive personalized service customized to help you achieve your specific smile goals. Our orthodontist, Dr. Peter Sutton, has many years of experience and uses advanced technology and the newest techniques to ensure each patient gets the best results. Dr. Sutton and our orthodontic team will provide excellent care and attention to detail from your first consultation to the final results of your orthodontic treatment.

Our team focuses on creating confident smiles that last a lifetime, prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of their patients above all else. True Smile Orthodontics is the trusted choice for exceptional orthodontic care, whether you need treatment for yourself or a family member. Discover how True Smile Orthodontics can transform your smile today and start your journey toward achieving the smile you’ve always wanted.

Top Rated Cedar Park Orthodontics Office

When you’re contemplating getting orthodontic treatment in Cedar Park, TX, choosing a top-rated office that focuses on making patients happy and uses the latest technology for the best outcomes is important. True Smile Orthodontics is dedicated to providing excellent and personalized care. Our practice has gained a reputation for creating beautiful, healthy smiles and providing amazing outcomes. Plus, we are known for our expert orthodontist, welcoming team, and state-of-the-art facilities.

True Smile Orthodontics provides a wide range of orthodontic services, such as traditional braces, Invisalign treatment, and other modern solutions for dental problems. When you arrive at our office, you’ll find a warm and inviting atmosphere where we prioritize your comfort and well-being.

Orthodontic Services We Offer

We aim to provide a wide range of orthodontic services in Cedar Park, TX, to meet your individual orthodontic needs. We offer traditional braces as well as modern Invisalign treatments to help you achieve a confident and beautiful smile. Furthermore, our treatment is developed to address orthodontic issues in two phases, guaranteeing our patients the best possible outcomes.

In addition, we specialize in airway orthodontics, which helps improve the overall health and performance of your airway and breathing. To improve the appearance and functioning of your smile, we also provide surgical orthodontics and diode laser gum contouring, which are performed carefully and precisely.

We also offer custom mouthguards and retainers to help protect your teeth and keep the results of your orthodontic treatment in place. Count on us to provide outstanding care and customized treatments to assist you in attaining a healthy, attractive smile that will last a lifetime.

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Invisalign Provider in Cedar Park, TX

Invisalign is a great option for aligning teeth because it is discreet and nearly invisible, which can be perfect for people who are concerned about their appearance while undergoing treatment. Invisalign aligners are created from a smooth, clear plastic material that feels comfortable to wear and won’t irritate the mouth.

Additionally, Invisalign clear aligners can be removed, making it easy to keep up with your oral hygiene routine without difficulty. This lowers your risk of developing dental issues like gum disease and decay by allowing you to clean and floss your teeth as usual. Moreover, taking out the aligners allows you to eat your favorite foods without limitations.

Choosing Invisalign clear aligners is a great way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. They are convenient, comfortable, and effective!

Invisalign in Cedar Park

Braces in Cedar Park, TX

Braces are a great option for fixing a variety of dental issues like crowded teeth, gaps, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and misaligned teeth. Braces work by gently applying pressure to the teeth and jaw, gradually moving them into the correct positions to improve the appearance and function of the smile.

Braces can also help with jaw misalignment problems, which may lead to pain, discomfort, and trouble with chewing or speaking. Braces can help improve oral health and prevent long-term complications like tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw joint problems by correctly aligning the teeth and jaws.

Braces in Cedar Park

Types of Braces We Provide

We provide various options to accommodate different preferences, such as traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, and self-ligating braces.

Traditional braces have been used for a long time and have proven to be effective in addressing alignment problems. Over time, they gradually shift your teeth into their ideal position using metal brackets and wires. Clear ceramic braces are another great option for a more discreet look. They have tooth-colored brackets that blend in with your teeth, making them less noticeable. While self-ligating braces reduce friction and discomfort, making your treatment more efficient and comfortable.

Our team of professionals is committed to understanding your needs and helping you find the best treatment option for your specific situation.

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