Why Us?

At True Smile Orthodontics, we strive to live by the Golden Rule of treating others as you expect to be treated.

We strive to cultivate an environment of professionalism, respect, and listening to our patients. True Smile Orthodontics is privately owned and operated by Dr. Peter Sutton and does not answer to any corporate entity. Dr. Sutton wants every patient to feel respected and treated like a VIP.

Orthodontics is a big step and a big decision and we want to make the decision easy and the process fun. Start your journey to discovering your True Smile with us!

Our Core Values

At True Smile Orthodontics, the entire team is committed to following these core values:

  • Do The Right Thing – Integrity is the foundation of everything we do, even when no one is watching.
  • Community – We give back to the community where we live and work.
  • Improvement – You get better or you get worse; you don’t ever stay the same.
  • Quality – What we do, we do well.
  • Humility – Learn from mistakes and successes.
  • Teamwork – By working together, we achieve more than we could by ourselves.
  • Smile – Life is short, so enjoy each day.