Your First Visit

The moment you walk in, you will be greeted by our friendly team. Enjoy a complimentary beverage or let your kids hang out in the children’s area. You will have time to fill out any forms you didn’t already complete online.

Our treatment coordinator will take a full set of records, including photos, X-rays, and a 3D intra-oral scan. Dr. Sutton will talk to you about all of your smile needs, and then conduct a thorough exam. Then, together, we will break down what we can do to discover your True Smile.

Once you’re ready to start smiling, Dr. Sutton will put together a customized treatment plan and provide an individual financial plan that works for you. Of course, we understand that life is busy and taking off work or getting your kids out of school for appointments takes planning, so we work with you to eliminate the need for redundant appointments and offer same-day starts to all our patients.

Financial Info

You deserve a smile you can show off, and we want to help you get it! We all know money is a touchy subject and something people don’t like talking about. But Dr. Sutton doesn’t want money to keep you from getting the smile you have always wanted. After all, you aren’t buying a new phone; this is an important investment in your appearance and your health. So we want to make you feel at ease talking about your financial situation.

How to pay for braces or Invisalign with or without insurance:

  • We accept all PPOs
  • Customizable payment plans
  • 0% financing
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • We accept CareCredit, ACH, cash, and most major credit cards

The first thing we determine is if your dental insurance has any eligible orthodontic benefits. If benefits are available, we will apply those benefits directly to the treatment fee. Then the remainder of the treatment fee is paid with 0% interest over the length of the treatment plan. If you want to learn more about how payments work, please call our office to request a free consultation and our treatment coordinator can explain in detail.

Instructional Videos